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Chambers Rosewood Rutherglen Grand Muscat

Chambers Rosewood Vineyards Grand Muscat, Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia, NV Muscat a petits grains rouge, locally known as Brown muscat; Grand signifies an average wine age 11-19 years, 18.5%, screw cap closure; Great Western Wine, Bath, about £30 on offer in 2012, … Continue reading

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Debunking British wine

British wine – confusion prevails, with many consumers not understanding that English wine and British wine are very different entities. English wine, to be so labelled, must be made from grapes grown in England’s climatically challenging and annually inconsistent climate. British … Continue reading

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English sparkling wine 1 – what’s in a name?

Does English sparkling wine lack a memorable meaningful generic name?  Who is going to ask for a ‘bottle of English sparkling wine’? The quality is undoubtedly there, witnessed in competition, but, it’s simply too long a name, and it lacks … Continue reading

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Riesling – petrol or a fault?

This is old news, May 2011, to aficianados, but not to all, about the petrol-hydrocarbon notes that develop in Riesling wines with age. Michel Chapoutier says that it’s excessive wine press pressure fracturing certain internal grape structures, that gives rise … Continue reading

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Campbells Bobbie Burns Durif, Rutherglen, 2008

Campbells Bobbie Burns Durif, Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia, 2009. Durif (according to Clarke*, this is an 1880 French crossing between peloursin and syrah, now little grown in France, but with an alter ego as California’s petite sirah), 14.5% abv, screw cap … Continue reading

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All change – to Apera, Tawny and Topaque

In a trade agreement between the EU and the Australian government, after 01 September 2011 Australian wine cannot be produced with labeling descriptors such as Port, Sherry, Fino, Amontillado, Manzanilla and Tokay. The new naming regime is: Apera (Sherry) Tawny (Port) Topaque (Tokay) … Continue reading

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Trimbach Riesling, 2008

Trimbach Riesling Reserve, Alsace, France, 2008. Riesling, 13% abv, natural cork closure; Ann et Vin, Newark, about £14. WSET style tasting note Appearance – pale intensity lemon gold, paler rim, showing tears. Nose – clean on the nose, medium (+) … Continue reading

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