Chambers Rosewood Rutherglen Grand Muscat

Chambers Rosewood Vineyards Grand Muscat, Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia, NV

Muscat a petits grains rouge, locally known as Brown muscat; Grand signifies an average wine age 11-19 years, 18.5%, screw cap closure; Great Western Wine, Bath, about £30 on offer in 2012, currently £40 (375ml).

Rutherglen liqueur muscat producers are an interesting case: they are organised into a self-regulating mutual help group with communal tastings, formalised in 1992 into an Association.  And they are almost all still run by the originating families, for example Campbells, Chambers, Morris, Stanton & Killeen and others.

WSET style tasting note
Appearance – Medium intensity tawny with a gold rim, showing copious tears.

Nose – Pronounced intensity, fully developed, with aromas of dark orange marmalade, fortified christmas cake, perhaps more brandied christmas pudding, stewed prunes, preserved prunes like sloe gin with the sloes still in, sweet tobacco, sweet wet hay.

Palate – A sweet wine, with medium acidity (so not luscious), fortified high, with a full body, and medium (+) intensity flavours of dark orange marmalade,  christmas pudding, sweet black cherries and stewed prunes.  The length is very long with a clean finish.

Quality and comment – A very good quality wine, with just enough acidity to balance the sweetness+alcohol, moderately complex with a very smooth mouthfeel, and a long long yet clean finish.

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