Debunking British wine

British wine – confusion prevails, with many consumers not understanding that English wine and British wine are very different entities.

English wine, to be so labelled, must be made from grapes grown in England’s climatically challenging and annually inconsistent climate.

British wine, to be so labelled, must be made in the UK, but from worldwide imported grape juice, normally in concentrate form.

And so there is there is a very large difference in the price, availability and quality of the raw materials.  This leads to significantly lower pricing of British, relative to English wine, signaling a similarly significant difference in quality.

Does this matter?  Well,  it all depends on one’s preferences, exposure and confidence. Wine Intelligence carried out a survey of what people thought.

If in doubt, ask an independent merchant or retailer for advice on sample bottles to try, in any price range, that’s what they are there for.

About citbp

I am interested in everything about wine, from site selection to tasting.
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