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Plenitude Madiran, Saint-Mont, 2002

Plenitude Madiran, Saint-Mont, South-west France, 2002 Cabernet sauvingon – tannat blend.  Tannat has been suggested to be the best red wine to drink for your heart, a healthy one that is; 14% abv, natural cork closure with sealing wax capsule. … Continue reading

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Champagne dosage

Dosage, what is it? The amount of sugar in g/l added to sparkling wine after disgorgement, known as liqeuer d’expedition (sending off).  The amount depends on: the style required, for example sec, brut, extra-brut; and the age of the wine, … Continue reading

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Serving temperature

As a rule, bringing a wine to the correct serving temperature should involve acclimatization, that is gentle cooling or gentle warming.  This  means planning ahead, and if moving older bottles, at least 24 hours are needed to allow any sediment … Continue reading

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Port Some good advice by Roy Hersh, notably use of food grade cheesecloth, and an age related decanting period. Champagne Hugh Johnson, in Wine, A life uncorked, relates how decanting into a glass jug seems to release more flavour, and … Continue reading

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English sparkling wine 2 – first things first

As I have said, over the past 3 years, in any discussion about English sparkling wine – the first thing to do is infiltrate the price conscious UK sparkling market at the Prosecco price point.  This needs an active marketing … Continue reading

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Chateau Musar Lebanon 2003

Chateau Musar, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, 2003. Cabernet sauvignon, cinsault and carignan, 14% abv, natural cork closure; Wine Society and others, just about £20 now. These wines are released 7 years after vintage.  They  benefit from further ageing to 10 or … Continue reading

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St Emilion – Grand Cru, Grand Cru Classé .., are they relevant?

Frequent official reassessment of regional wine quality, to maintain the relevance of quality indicators on the label – sounds like a good idea, but it all depends … here’s an explanation of what gives in St Emilion. In St Emilion … Continue reading

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