Serving temperature

  • As a rule, bringing a wine to the correct serving temperature should involve acclimatization, that is gentle cooling or gentle warming.  This  means planning ahead, and if moving older bottles, at least 24 hours are needed to allow any sediment to settle too.
  • Still red and white – There was an article in the Sunday Observer magazine I think it was, some very few years ago, that suggested this regime:  30 minutes before serving – whites out of the refrigerator, reds in.  Essentially a refrigerator’s ambient temperature is about 4C, whereas the optimum temperature range to serve a white and a red is 8-10C and 14-18C respectively.  So the 30 minute idea is a good starting point, as things only warm up once they’re out of the refrigerator.  So in practice I can’t find an argument against it, and I see it’s quoted this year in the New York Times.
  • Champagne – the optimum temperature is about 7C, so it’s best not to store it in the refrigerator, rather keep it in the coolest alternative place you have – cellar, wine refrigerator, or a north facing garage – in the northern hemisphere.  Then, 30 minutes before serving, plunge the bottle into a bucket filled with 50:50 ice and water.

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