Plenitude Madiran, Saint-Mont, 2002

Plenitude Madiran, Saint-Mont, South-west France, 2002

Cabernet sauvingon – tannat blend.  Tannat has been suggested to be the best red wine to drink for your heart, a healthy one that is; 14% abv, natural cork closure with sealing wax capsule.  The label is interesting – it’s embossed metal, with an antique finish; Weaver’s Wine, Nottingham, about £19.

The wine benefits from 2 to 3 hours decanting into a jug.

WSET style tasting note
Appearance – deep intensity garnet, showing distinct tears.

Nose – clean on the nose, medium (+) intensity, well developed, with aromas of black berry, red cherry, vanilla, oak and spice – black peppery, and smoke.

Palate – a dry wine, medium (+) acidity, smooth textured medium tannins, high alcohol, full bodied, with medium intensity flavours of black currant, black cherry, vanilla and spice, a hint of dark chocolate, with a long length and clean finish.

Quality – a moderately complex wine; a balanced wine, alcohol matching acidity and the intensity of the flavour profile; needs a few hours decanting for the range of aromas and flavours to emerge.  A food wine, would suit  an overnight slow cooked red meat casserole.

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