Plan Pegau VdT France

Plan Pegau, Vin de Table (declassified, as it does not conform to AOC regs, perhaps a blend from grapes outside the appellation with leftover AOC wine, or a way of disposing of surplus to AOC permitted yields, from Domaine du Pegau, Chateauneuf-du-Pape), no vintage given.

A GSM blend, 13.5% abv, natural cork closure, no lot number; Gauntleys, about £11.

WSET style tasting note
Appearance – medium intensity ruby, showing legs.

Nose – clean on the nose, medium (+) intensity, developing, with an initial whiff of barnyard, which lessens and becomes pleasing, integrated with vanilla, spice, blackberry, blueberry, violet.

Palate – a dry wine, medium acidity, smooth integrated medium tannins, medium (+) alcohol, medium bodied, with medium intensity flavours of black cherry, black berry, blue berry, with red cherry coming through on the finish; with a medium (+) length and clean finish.

Quality – a well made wine with good extract and a concentration of flavour; acidity and alcohol are balanced, though I think the alcohol is more like 14 or 14.5% than the 13.5 on the label, and are sympathetic to the intensity of flavour, the mouth feel is smooth with well integrated tannins, and a good length.

Comment – a wine that will not be consistent from year to year.  It’s of good quality, made by a top producer,  a useful candidate for a blind tasting.  I will have another dozen of this thankfully, undervalued wine; the Domaine prices are an order of magnitude greater.

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I am interested in everything about wine, from site selection to tasting.
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