Mount Bluff, New Zealand, NV

Mount Bluff (a brand name rather than a place, me thinks), Sauvignon blanc Brut, NV, Wine of New Zealand.

Bought by mistake? Cheap fizz? Neither of these things, I wanted to try it after reading Sally Easton’s (MW) article.

Every wine has its place – so if you like the strident character of Kiwi sauvignon blanc, and fancy something slightly different for the summer, even more refreshing than the still version, then this is worth a go. It’s a carbonated wine, made in the same way as soda water, but on a much larger scale. Don’t try to make it in your soda maker, your warranty will be invalidated. There is a couple of pounds premium on the price over still sauvignon blanc.

A blend of 86% sauvignon blanc (quality Marlborough fruit is in the blend), 13% chardonnay and 1% pinot noir.  Natural mushroom cork closure, 12% abv. M&S, about £12.

Vinification – The chardonnay undergoes a second fermentation in bottle, with 12 months on the lees, before transfer and blending with the sauvignon blanc.  The blended wine is carbonated on the bottling line.

WSET style tasting note
Appearance – Pale intensity lemon, small bubbles and showing tears.

Nose – Medium (+) intensity, youthful, with aromas of passion fruit up front, ripe papaya (aka pawpaw) and a hint of green pepper.

Palate – It’s a dry wine, with medium acidity, medium alcohol, medium body, medium (+) intensity, with flavours of stewed gooseberry up front and passionfruit, with a long length, and a creamy mousse with a medium persistence.

Quality – A good quality wine, of its type – the base wine is well made.  It smells and tastes like typical Kiwi sauvignon blanc, with aromas and flavours heightened by the addition of CO2.

If you really want to nail the gooseberry aroma, and don’t have a bush of your own, look up local allotment associations, there are always bushes there and much of the fruit is wasted. Stew some up, let them cool, and there is that wonderful aroma and taste – of Kiwi sauvignon blanc.

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