More South Africa cabernets

I have decided to share all the South Africa cabernet sauvignon recommendations, provided by another diploma student, who is well placed to guide, as the sommelier in a top restaurant in Pretoria, and seems, if  I am not too presumptuous, to have a similar palate to mine. I can concur from the wines that I have tried, that these really are great food wines – alcohol is around the 14.5% mark.

The list is divided into those wines currently stocked, and not, by SA Wines Online, with rounded up prices (plus VAT), there are a couple outside my 10to20 limit, and vintages not stocked have an alternative; the asterisked ones already have a tasting note here, see the 10to20 – still red category.

Currently stocked
Cederberg (about 120km NNE of Cape Town)
*Cederberg 2009, £16

Franschhoek (20km E of Stellenbosch, which is 40km E of Cape Town)
Boekenhoutskloof 2010, £29

Paarl (50km NE of Cape Town)
*Glen Carlou 2010, £12

Stellenbosch (40km E of Cape Town)
De Trafford 2009, (2008, £19)
Ernie Els 2011, £17
*Jordan Estate 2009, (2008, £13)
Le Riche Reserve 2009, (2008, £15)
Rainbows End 2010, £13
Rustenberg Peter Barlow, (2007, £27), also try *R M Nicholson or *John X Merriman
*Stark Conde 2009, (2008, £15)

Currently not stocked, but keep visiting their site
Dieu Donne 2006

Bartinney 2010
Eikendal 2009
Neil Ellis 2009
Rudera Platinum 2007
Webersburg 2007

About citbp

I am interested in everything about wine, from site selection to tasting.
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