Campbell’s Rutherglen Muscat

Campbell’s Rutherglen Muscat, Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia, NV

Muscat a petits grains rouge, locally known as Brown muscat; screw cap closure, 17.5% abv, widely available, 37.5 ml, about £13

Rutherglen liqueur muscat producers are an interesting case: they are organised into a self-regulating mutual help group with communal tastings, formalised in 1992 into an Association. And, they are almost all still run by the originating families, for example Campbells, Chambers, Morris, Stanton & Killeen and others.

WSET style tasting note
Appearance: clear and bright, deep intensity tawny, showing tears.

Nose: a wine of pronounced intensity, fully developed, with rich sweet aromas of concentrated dark orange marmalade, dried citrus, warm stewed prunes, warm dried fruits of all sorts – figs, currants, raisins and sultanas …

Palate: a sweet wine (verging on luscious), with apparent medium acidity, the lightest gummy grip, fortified high, with a full body, with a smooth viscous texture, and pronounced intensity, with flavours of thick dense dark marmalade, molasses and sweet black toffee.  A long long length, with a rich mouth coating toffee-marmalade infused finish.

Quality: a wine of very quality wine, with sweetness perfectly balanced by acidity, so that the wine is not cloying; of pronounced intensity throughout, this wine shows a palette of rich oxidised character, quite complex with a very long length, which will keep for a decade or more, but not improve discernibly with further cellaring.

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