Casa Silva Sauvignon blanc Colchagua Chile 2013

Casa Silva, Sauvignon blanc, Cool Coast, Paredones, Valle de Colchagua, Chile, 2013

Paredones is a new region on the Colchagua coast, just 6km from the Pacific, so benefiting from the cool onshore breezes blowing across the cold Humboldt Current that flows north along the Chilean coast from the Antarctic, perfect for the cultivation of cool climate varieties.

This wine: varietal sauvignon blanc, screw cap closure, 13% abv, Averys of Bristol (part of the Laithwaites/Direct Wine Group), £15

WSET style tasting note
Appearance: clear and bright, pale intensity lemon, showing tears.

Nose: clean on the nose, of medium (+) intensity, youthful, with aromas of ripe white grapefruit with an edge of lemon zest, with a warmer fruit hint of apricot, newly opened elderflower (a creamy rather than sweaty nuance) and an edge of ripe green pepper.

Palate: a dry wine but showing a very low level of residual sugar, with medium (+) acidity, the lightest gummy grip, medium alcohol and a medium (+) body, with a smooth texture, medium (+) intensity, with flavours of rich ripe citrus, apricot, a low-key tropical guava-like note, and overripe green pepper. A medium (+) length with a clean lightly grippy fresh citrus finish.

Quality: a very good quality fruit driven wine, with perfectly balanced acidity with alcohol and the touch of residual sugar, all harmonious with the rich flavour palette.  There is plenty of flavour intensity and fruit concentration, which is reflected in the good length, but little complexity.

Readiness for drinking/potential for ageing: this wine is ready to drink now.  It is a fresh fruity wine, made in stainless steel to preserve the fresh varietal flavours, and as such, is made for early consumption, it will hold for 2-3 years but not improve with cellaring.

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