Poggio Basso Grappa NV

Poggio Basso, Grappa del Piemonte, Italy, NV

Made from pomace of nebbiolo (90%) and moscato, synthetic stopper, 500ml, 40% abv, Waitrose, £14

WSET style tasting note
Appearance: the spirit is clear, of water-white intensity and is colourless.

Nose: the spirit is clean on the nose, medium intensity, aromas of viola and a whiff of wallflower, warm apricot skin, stewed apples and pears, and a waxy-peppery hint; unaged.

Palate: the spirit is dry with warming alcohol, medium body, a smooth texture, medium intensity, flavours of dried stone fruit, stewed pear, and green herbs. A long length with some complexity, but some harshness at the end.

Quality:  Good quality.  A young spirit, rested in stainless steel, so retaining its fresh floral and fruit notes. Alcohol (with water) appears slightly out of balance with flavour intensity, as a little harshness on the finish – but is this the nature of unaged grappa? Whilst showing a long length, complexity and concentration further confirm this is a spirit of good, rather than very good quality.

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I am interested in everything about wine, from site selection to tasting.
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