2015 seyval blanc not ready to pick

photo-31 photo-32

6th October, I have a new post and wire training system in place this year, pruning in transition to VSP, but this cannot help with the climate – the sixth of October and lack of ripeness is plain to taste, with sugars showing 10-12 brix. Whilst most bunches are healthy, there is a tiny amount of rot starting to show in these tightly packed bunches, so here’s hoping for some sustained sun to bring sugars up to at least 14 brix.

18th October, sugars now showing 15-17 brix, a miracle brought on by some extended sunny periods, though northerly exposed bunches still have some way to go.  Selectively harvested the sweet tasting golden hued bunches.  Making still wine this year.

First fermentation with cultured yeast, in demi-john, on a heated fermentation mat, with brisk fermentation over in 5 days, slowing to a finish in 6 days,  Racked off the gross lees at 7 days. 14 days later with no further fermentation activity, racked off the lees again, smells nice and vinous with no off hints; added one camden tablet, topped up with a little Loire sauvignon blanc, and refitted a clean airlock.


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I am interested in everything about wine, from site selection to tasting.
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