Re-making sparkling wine

Last year I made a very low, too low, pressure sparkling wine from my 2014 seyval blanc harvest. It has some citrus and orchard fruit notes, but neither the refreshing CO2 nor any bakery notes.

So, this year I regarded that as a reserve wine, and have remade it with 9g/l sugar to give about 45psi.  See what happens after 9 months.  In the meantime I have just bottled, as still wine, the 2015 harvest, which is nice and clear with lots of tartrate deposits, having over-wintered in a cold shed. Tasting note: pale lemon, dry, high acidity, lemon and grapefruit, touch of green apple, medium (-) alcohol, a light body, barely medium length …which means I need riper fruit, which means imminent bud rubbing, green harvesting later, and more vigorous shoot trimming and removal – and more sun.

About citbp

I am interested in everything about wine, from site selection to tasting.
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