Bois Bruley Gros Plant 2008

Cherau Carre, Domaine du Bois Bruley, VDQS Gros Plant du Pays Nantais sur Lie, Loire-Atlantique, France, 2008

The change from VDQS to IGP
VDQS is due to be phased out by end 2011, and this appellation had opted to become IGP, Decanter 12/2008 refers, then decided to apply for AOC Gros Plant du Pays Nantais status, granted in 2011.

Gros plant (aka folle blanche)
The tasting profile is along the lines of: a pale golden hue, a restrained floral element with touches of grapefruit and lemon, *iodine and *minerality; fresh acidity, body and mouthfeel added by lees ageing, with a citrus profile, and a slight spritz is retained.

*See aroma and flavours laid bare for a discussion of these descriptors.

This wine: no lot number (these were mandated in EU in 1992), varietal gros plant (aka folle blanche), synthetic cork closure, 11% abv, Vintage Wines, £9 (11/17)

Consumer tasting note: faulty, oxidised with a not unpleasant sherry-like profile.

WSET style tasting note
Appearance: clear and bright, medium intensity gold, showing tears.

Nose: faulty – oxidised, medium (+) intensity, past its best, with aromas as they come, of creamed apple puree, hints of baked rice pudding, bruised apple, bees-wax, nutty – almond and hazelnut, hint of honey, doughy nuances.

Palate: dry, medium acidity, medium alcohol, medium body, medium intensity, a smooth texture and a low-key grip, with flavours of bruised apple, hazelnut, has a sense of a manzanilla about it. A short length with an oxidised bruised apple nutty finish, with hazelnuts and a slight bitterness on the end.

Quality: faulty, an oxidised nose, reflected on the palate, with a short length.

Drinking readiness/ageing potential: faulty.

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