Iron Horse California 2009

Iron Horse, Brut, Green Valley, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, California, USA, 2009

This wine: lot no. DISG12314, a blend of 74% pinot noir with chardonnay, only 2400 c/s produced, mushroom natural cork closure; 13.5% abv, BBR bin end, £15 (09/17)

Last tasted: 12/12/17.

Consumer tasting note: a golden wine with a creamy mousse, but with not a lot of persistence, having lost gas pressure with advanced age, indicated by the rich tertiary notes of honey, leaf tobacco, toasted nuts and truffle. Still, there is a lot of complexity making this a worthwhile, interesting wine, with a rich profile of caramelised baked apple, biscuit, powdered ginger, leaf tea, anise, raisin and Danish pastry …. Finishes long. It is best to allow the wine to develop in the glass, or two, rather than a decant.

WSET style tasting note
Appearance: clear and bright, medium intensity gold, and small, but not fine, bubbles.

Nose: clean, medium (+) intensity, fully developed, with aromas as they come, of warm damp toast, thick honey, Danish pastry, crumbled digestive biscuit, baked apple, powdered ginger, leaf tea, bees-wax, hint of anise, stewed lightly caramelised apple, hint of toasted nuts, leaf tobacco, hint of truffle, hint of blue cheese, like Roquefort.

Palate: dry, medium acidity, medium alcohol, medium body, medium (+) intensity, a smooth velvety texture with a low-key grip, with flavours of baked apple, leaf tea, quince jelly, touch of warm raisin, powdered ginger, well-baked pastry with a caramelised edge, like the French palmier biscuit, a developing hint of light toffee A long length with a clean, complex finish, and a low-key grip. A creamy mousse, with a short persistence.

Quality: very good, perfectly balanced acidity with alcohol; sound intensity with similar concentration; showing full maturity and a strong rich complexity, with a tertiary dimension of honey, leaf tobacco, toasted nuts and truffle; CO2 pressure is failing; finishes long.

Drinking readiness/ageing potential: drink up now, unsuited to further ageing – fully developed heading rapidly for past its best, for though it is rich and complex, the gas pressure is on the wane.

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