Dom des Schistes Tautavel 2016

Domaine des Schistes, le parcellaire caune d’en joffre, AOP Cotes du Roussillon Villages Tautavel, Estagel, Pyrénées-Orientales, Occitanie, 2016

On Cotes de Roussillon Villages [1]
The vineyard lies at 100-400 m altitude, with a hot sunny climate, but moderated by the presence of the Mediterranean. There are 32 communes entitled to the appellation, of which 4, Caramany, Latour de France, Lesquerde and Tautavel [2], can append their name eg Cotes de Roussillon Villages Caramany. Soils are wide-ranging, of gneiss, granite, limestone, pebbly/stony and schist. It is a dry, red only appellation, in which carignan is dominant (<= 60%) in a blend with at least 2 other varieties, selected from grenache noir, lladoner, and mourvedre + syrah (>= 30%). Fermentation can be traditional, or by carbonic maceration [1].

On carignan noir.

This wine: lot No. L16.06.17, 220m altitude, organic, primarily old vine (70 y.o.) carignan noir, with a little co-planted syrah and grenache noir, whole cluster maceration, unoaked; coated natural cork closure, 15% abv, Adrian Mould, €16.80 (02/18).

Consumer tasting note: ruby hued with strong aromas of red summer berries tinged with black berry and cherry, a little savoury with a passing whiff of button mushroom; medium-full bodied, with flavours of red cherry, fragrant raspberry, cranberry juice and a touch of blackcurrant. A long length.  Drink now – RTD, but will keep – Wait. Decant for an hour.

WSET style tasting note
Appearance: clear and bright, medium intensity ruby, showing tears and some transitory CO2 petillance [no sediment].

Nose: clean, pronounced intensity, developing, with aromas as they come, of stewed red cherry, a whiff of cut button mushroom, black berry, richer black cherry, an indistinct floral edge, beeswax, raspberry jam, defrosted strawberry, cranberry juice, a touch savoury.

Palate: dry, medium (+) acidity, ripe medium tannins, high alcohol, medium (+) body, medium (+) intensity, with flavours suggestive of carbonic maceration of some part, of red cherry, mashed raspberry, cranberry juice, blackcurrant. A long length with a clean red berried finish and a light-moderate grip.

Quality: very good, a sound balance of fresh acidity and ripe tannins with high, yet well-integrated alcohol; showing a strong intensity throughout, with slightly lesser concentration, probably a low sulphur user, given the presence of CO2; of moderate complexity, better on the nose than palate, with both primary (black berry, blackcurrant, black cherry, cranberry, red cherry, raspberry, strawberry) and tertiary (beeswax, mushroom, savoury) dimensions; finishes long.

Drinking readiness/ageing potential: can drink now, but has potential for further ageing, over say 3-5 years – a sound structure and balance, with lots of intensity, primary fruit to work with, a developing complexity, better than decent concentration, and a lengthy finish.


  1. AOP Cotes de Roussillon Villages, INAO [online] accessed 07/10/18
  2. Map of Cotes de Roussillon [online] accessed 08/10/18

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