Terredavino Barbaresco 2010

Terre da Vino, Riserva, DOCG Barbaresco, Piemonte, Italia, 2010

On DOCG Barbaresco
Promoted to DOCG in 1980, for varietal nebbiolo. The appellation lies to the south of, and borders, the Tanaro River, 3-4 kms to the northeast of Alba. Elevation is up to ~550 m. There are about 700 ha under vine in the 4 communes of Barbaresco, Neive, Treiso and San Rocco. Annual production is ~4 million bottles (2018). There is one co-operative of 50 growers farming 100 hectares – Produttori di Barbaresco.

As is often the case, there are two styles, traditional and modern [1].  The former start out highly tannic and austere, requiring some years to come round, but they do have longevity. The modern style is more approachable, using shorter maceration times, so less harsh tannin, and French oak, which gives a more internationally recognisable appeal, no doubt helping to even out cash flows.

Minimum ageing requirements are, for a normale – 26 months of which at least 9 in wood, and for a riserva, 50 months of which at least 9 in wood.

This wine: lot No. L9B18811169, varietal nebbiolo, coated natural cork closure, 14% abv, unknown source, ~£20 (02/17)

Consumer tasting note: nebbiolo without mistake, high allover – acidity, tannins and, not quite so much, alcohol, with a profile dominated by red fruits, a little spicy, signature tea rose, hazelnut, cedar and black liquorice. Finishes soundly long. Drink now – RTD, but will keep – Wait. No need to decant.

WSET style tasting note
Appearance: clear and bright, medium intensity garnet, showing tears [no sediment].

Nose: clean, medium (+) intensity, developing, with aromas as they come, of a clear note of tea rose edged with spice, red cherry with a slightly confected nuance of strawberry, cedar, beeswax, red currant jelly, cranberry juice, a little peppery, hint of toast, warm rich black liquorice.

Palate: dry, high acidity, ripe high tannins, medium (+) alcohol, medium body, medium intensity, with flavours of red currant jelly, red cherry jam, cranberry juice, crushed hazelnut, touch of cedar, black liquorice. A long length with a clean finish of red berries edged with cedar, and hazelnut on the end.

Quality: very good, typical of nebbiolo, with a sound balance of high acidity and high yet ripe tannins with alcohol; middling intensity throughout with similar concentration, but still managing to give a long length; of better than moderate complexity, with evidence of time in very well integrated oak (cedar, spice, toast) and in bottle (beeswax, cedar nuts). Finishes long.

Drinking readiness/ageing potential: drink now, unsuited to further ageing, but will keep for 2-3 years – a sound structure and balance, and though with a long length, is lacking in intensity and concentration.


  1. The beauty of Barbaresco [online] accessed 28/11/18.

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