Easton Cabernet Franc USA 2011

Easton, Monarch Mine Vineyard, Cabernet Franc, Sierra (Nevada) Foothills Region, California, USA, 2011

This wine: lot No. 88080311 found without L prefix (on the bottle), varietal cabernet franc, short term wood ageing, coated natural cork closure with a dense collection of tartrate crystals adhering, 13.5% abv, Luvians, £17 bin end (£23) (03/19)

Consumer tasting note: the typical sensory profile of cabernet franc includes blackcurrant, cherry, raspberry, redcurrant, smoke, violets … typically pale with good acidity and less tannins than cabernet sauvignon. This warmer climate fully developed example, has more colour and tannins, still a mix of red and black berries and a touch of florality, but on the richer side, with notes of black cherry, dried fruits, boiled sweets and liquorice. Finishes soundly long. Drink now – RTD and will keep for 2-3 years – Wait. No need to decant.

WSET style tasting note
Appearance: clear and bright, medium intensity ruby, showing tears [a tiny quantity of tartrate crystals].

Nose: clean, pronounced intensity, fully developed, with aromas as they come, of baked black berries with a lactic edge, a rich floral whiff, black berry, edges of oak and wax, a herbaceous-cedary hint, old polished wood, hints of black cherry, black liquorice with tarry hints, a little smoke, dried red fruits – cherry and cranberry.

Palate: dry, medium (+) acidity, fine-grained medium (+) tannins, medium (+) alcohol, medium body, medium (+) intensity, with flavours of ripe and baked black berry, black cherry, a touch of ripe red cherry, a herbal edge, black boiled sweets, dried red fruits, a herbal undertone, hint of wood, black liquorice. A long length (~25s) with a clean finish of black boiled sweets edged with a woody nuance.

Quality: very good, perfectly balanced fresh(ish) acidity and fine-grained tannins with alcohol, altogether harmonious; quite strong intensity throughout, with a slightly lesser concentration; showing a better than moderate, but not quite high complexity, with evidence of having undergone MLF (lactic), with time in wood (oak, old polished wood, smoke) and in bottle (dried fruit, wax). Finishes soundly long.

Drinking readiness/ageing potential: drink now, unsuited to further ageing, but will keep for 2-3 years – a sound acid-tannin structure and balance, pretty much fully developed, with a pleasant balance of rich primary fruit, serving to balance and act as a foil to the tertiary dimension.

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