Wine-food matching ideas

I will add to this, as more unusual pairings come to mind …

Tested/updated Wine Food matching suggestion
03/08/19 Chateau Musar red Curry, well Indian cuisine in general, but particularly suiting curry based dishes – the profile of an aged Musar, say 10-15 year,  may include eg volatile acidity, brett, sage, curry plant, dried fig and prune – these are quite empathetic to curry based dishes.

Chinese dishes based on heavy use of eg black bean sauce or oyster sauce, and I fondly remember long-cooked pig’s trotter stewed in soy sauce, sherry or rice wine, and star anise. However .. from my experience of working in China, beer, Tsingtao preferably, is the optimum accompaniment to all food Chinese.

Moroccan tagine – the dried fruit element of a well aged Musar would suit.

04/05/20 Any (drinkable) white showing early signs of oxididation, eg chardonnay, chenin blanc

A nutty gently spicy white Collioure, with strong acidity, would also be sympathetic.

Spanish tapas – an oxidised white can have a sherry-like dimension, of eg nuts, dried fruits and bruised apple, which suggests that they may be an interesting alternative to traditional sherry with Spanish cuisine.

Last updated 04/05/20

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