Ciabot Berton Barolo 2011

Oberto Marco, Ciabot Berton, Roggeri, DOCG Barolo, La Morra, Piemonte, Italy, 2011

This wine: lot No. L.RO 02/16 (on back label), varietal nebbiolo, aged for 2 years in Slavonian oak, coated natural cork closure, 14.5% abv, Wine Society, £25 (11/18)

Previous vintages tasted.

Consumer tasting note: pale ruby with a browning rim, fresh acidity, high ripe tannins and high alcohol, all add up to nebbiolo, as with this Barolo. Strong quite complex aromas of cedar, toast, red berries, tea rose and liquorice, the toast and liquorice increasing with airing; medium-full bodied, with a weaker palate of red currant jelly, red cherry, cedar and liquorice. Finishes soundly long. Drink now – RTD and will keep for 1-2 years– Wait. No need to decant.

WSET style tasting note
Appearance: clear and bright, pale intensity ruby with a garnet rim, showing tears [no sediment]

Nose: clean, pronounced intensity, developing, with aromas as they come, of edges of spicy macerated red cherry, low key toast becoming a touch stronger with airing, cedar, crushed red currant, dried cranberry, red currant jam, a hint of warm candle wax, hint of defrosted strawberry, red fruit boiled sweets, tea rose, a developing hint of liquorice.

A slight anomaly with this wine – it was sampled for correctness at 2pm, the air then pumped out. When group tasted at 7pm, the profile was then of a faulty wine, the nose and mid-palate being extremely green-vegetal-woody, but this then dissipated after a further hour or so, with fruit returning. Was this a micro dumb phase, where all fermentation/ageing derivative aromas/flavours are subdued, so revealing any underlying oaky notes, accentuated, in this case, by fresh acidity and high tannins? A similar experience was had by 1 and 2, and I recall tasting a Domaine de Trevallon, 2008 perhaps, showing a distinct woodiness.

Palate: dry, medium (+) acidity, ripe high tannins, high alcohol, medium (+) body, medium intensity, a sense of sweetness in mid-palate, with flavours of red currant jelly, red cherry, cedar, hint of liquorice. A long (~30s) length with a clean finish of red currant jelly edged with cedar.

Quality: good, well balanced fresh acidity and high ripe tannins with alcohol, harmonious; quite intense on the nose, yet seems a touch hollow in mid-palate, with a slightly lesser concentration, nevertheless a long length; showing a better than moderate complexity, with evidence of time in wood (cedar, spice, toast) and bottle (cedar, dried fruit, wax). Finishes soundly long.

Drinking readiness/ageing potential: drink now, unsuited to further ageing, but will keep for 1-2 years – a sound backbone and balance, developing; whilst promising on the nose, struggles a bit with mid-palate intensity and concentration, suggesting earlier consumption.

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