Aldi Clare Valley Riesling 2018

Aldi (made by Taylors Wines), The Exquisite Collection, Riesling, Clare Valley, South Australia, 2018

This wine: lot No. L20190517 (below back label), varietal riesling, screw-cap closure, 11.5% abv, Aldi, £7 (01/20)

Consumer tasting note: Decanter (online) classed this wine as one of the most exciting whites of 2019, with a score of 92. So at £7, I thought it worth a try – a fresh lemony nose edged with a touch of lime, but with all sorts of understated notes going on – confectionery, stewed apple, white peach, anise … a medium-full body, with fresh slightly tart acidity, and that telltale grip of a (unoaked) riesling. A medium-long length.  Drink now – RTD, and will keep for 2-3 years – Wait. No need to decant, but pour yourself a decent sized glass, and savour the development over 30 minutes of so.

WSET style tasting note
Appearance: clear and bright, pale intensity lemon, showing tears [no sediment].

Nose: clean, medium (+) intensity, youthful, with aromas as they come, of lemon zest, lemon pith, a sugary confected note like lemon boiled sweets, an edge of lime, a passing whiff of steak fat, stewed cooking apple, a herbaceous hint, the slightest touches of richer white peach and anise [on day 2, lime becomes the primary note].

Palate: dry, medium (+) acidity, medium (-) alcohol, medium (+) body, medium (+) intensity, a velvety edging towards an oily texture with a light grip, with flavours of lemon pith, grapefruit flesh, stewed cooking apple edged with a hint of herbaceous. A medium (+) length with a clean fresh finish of lemon pith, a light grip, and a herbaceous touch on the end [on day 2, lime comes through, along with more delicate warm hay].

Quality: very good, a fine balance of fresh slightly tart acidity with modest alcohol, altogether harmonious; showing a sound intensity throughout and a similar concentration; a just better than moderate youthful complexity, following into a medium-long length.

Drinking readiness/ageing potential: drink now, unsuited to ageing, but will keep for 2-3 years – a sound acid structure, well balanced, but with not great intensity, concentration and length, however, the several sensory hints may develop into something more coherent, to add complexity in the short term.

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