Notes for WSET spirits

Since WordPress, which hosts this site, started accumulating statistics on downloads from 2019, I have seen that some of my spirits notes, particularly rum and cachaca, and armagnac related materials, are quite popular, so I have assembled links to them all from here.

They are collections of notes, gathered and cross-checked, from a wide range of credited sources, in an attempt to gain clarity over the processes involved in spirits, bitters and, additional to the WSET syllabus, liqueur production.

  1. Aniseed flavoured spirits
  2. Cognac and armagnac
  3. Brandy del Jerez, pisco and grappa
  4. Calvados and other fruit spirits
  5. Rum and cachaca
  6. Tequila and mezcal
  7. North American whisky
  8. Scotch, Irish and Japanese whisky
  9. Gin and genever
  10. Vodka
  11. Bitters
  12. Liqueurs

About citbp

I am interested in everything about wine, from site selection to tasting.
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