About me

I am half-way through the WSET Diploma, done the plod work on spirits, leaving just still wines to work on now, aiming to finish ….., but things have slowed a little as I learn to play the electric guitar. I am not in the trade, so I don’t have that enviable exposure to the business, but do have access to all the trade events.

I started out in the merchant marine, qualifying as ship master,  then hydrographic surveyor. I then moved into consultancy in the oil and gas exploration industry, then back to university for a PhD in satellite navigation systems.  I have been back in the UK for some years now, having previously lived in New Zealand, China and South Africa.  There are few places that I have not been, but my geographic knowledge of the UK is terrible.

From 2018 we now live, on and off for up to 6 months a year, in Capestang in the Hérault departement, so there will be an increase in the number of wines evaluated from the hugely interesting Occitanie region.

One Response to About me

  1. Linda Devlin says:

    I, too, am half way through the Diploma but Spirits will have to wait as Unit 3 looms.
    Like your site very much and find it really helpful. Cheers.

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