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Classification of German wine

11/05/20 Final clarification on the 2009 and 2012 implementations of EC labeling rule changes, reference the German Wine Institute manual [9]. 04/05/20 Added VDP maximum yields. 28/01/20 A clarification – I have clarified the case of the VDP, with regard … Continue reading

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German terminology

German wine terminology, together with common tasting descriptors. This is work in progress, corrections and additions are most welcome. I have not followed the German rule of capitalisation of nouns. Words that are the same in both languages, or so similar as to … Continue reading

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Is this German wine dry?

Some hints on determining whether a German wine has significant residual sugar, or not. What is the abv%?  If it is 13%+ then it will be dry, if 7-10% then there will be noticeable sweetness, the lower the abv the … Continue reading

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Sparkling wine – Sekt / Perlwein / Secco

Latest news 15/07/18 – VDP German Prädikat Wine Estates establish a sekt classification based on the VDP Origin Pyramid. What Sekt is German for sparkling wine, 98% is made by the tank method.  The majority, about 85%, is plain Sekt … Continue reading

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