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On grape varieties

Here I post my take on a grape variety, the less commonly seen ones, based on my tastings, wider informed expertise and reference materials. I will be adding to this post, which is also filed under study aids. Varieties covered … Continue reading

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How accurate is abv on a label?

How often have you thought a wine had more alcohol than indicated on the label?  Well, you are in all likelihood not wrong. But how could this be? Firstly, in practical terms, it depends on the sophistication, and so accuracy, … Continue reading

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Aromas and flavours laid bare

Work in progress … the general consumer, when thinking about buying wine, needs tasting notes that are easily intelligible, unambiguous and uncluttered. Here I share my efforts in translating, testing and debunking esoteric aromas and flavours currently used to describe … Continue reading

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A mineral epidemic

A short version of this mini-article was published in Decanter December 2016 as Perpetuating a myth .. a riposte by M Dalton-Placzek was published in the February edition 2017.  The argument was along the lines that a chocolate note in … Continue reading

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CO2 in still and other wine

This post was prompted by finding visible CO2 gas (just CO2 herefater) in artisanal – aren’t they all, Swiss pinot noir, with an otherwise clear and bright appearance and clean nose and palate. This is not a common occurrence, so was it faulty? Or … Continue reading

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Free aroma kit

  The aim here, as with Nez du Vin, is nose training, but not to identify discrete aromas, rather to discern firstly between aroma families, eg florality from amongst citrus, orchard or red fruit notes. And then sniffing within each family eg floral with … Continue reading

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Riesling – petrol or a fault revisited

Petrol and riesling After my recent tasting of a Michel Chapoutier Alsace 2012 riesling and referring to his earlier suggestion, reported in 2011, that petrol is a fixable fault, I felt it was time to revisit this evocative area, to see how … Continue reading

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