This is a list of non-subscription sources of information that I think are worth sharing.


Generic wine





Eastern Europe



  • A catalogue of vines grown in France, by the Pl@ntgrape Project.
  • Alsace, with individual grand cru sheets eg Rangen.
  • Alsace wine guide
  • Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB)
  • Chateauneuf-du-Pape, the grapes of.
  • Corsica, by Neel Burton
  • Costieres de Nimes (AOC), Gard, along with Lirac and Tavel.
  • Cotes de Gascogne still wines, the production area is coterminous with that of AOC Armagnac.
  • Cru Bourgeois – tells the history, with the 1932 and 2003 classification lists, and up to date news.
  • De Long’s Metro Style Wine Map of France.
  • INAO, short for Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité, on 01/01/2007 it replaced 2 bodies – the Commission Nationale des Labels et Certifications, and the Institut National des Appellations d Origine (INAO); with the acronym INAO being retained.  Drill down to specific appellations, some entries are short … AND an alternative more user-friendly guide by Vin et Vigne.
  • Irouleguy, a 9-strong co-operative.
  • Jurancon
  • Languedoc (AOC), official site, with lists of appellations eg AOC La Clape, denominations eg AOC Languedoc-Sommieres, and other info.
  • Le Figaro Vin
  • Loire Valley [0]
  • Loire Valley [1]
  • Rhone Valley wines, includes soil cross-sections.
  • South-west France, A-Z denominations, info on AOC/AOPs – Bearn, Brulhois, Cahors, Coteaux du Quercy, Cotes de Millau, Entraygues et le Fel, Estaing, Fronton, Gaillac, Irouleguy, Jurancon, Madiran, Marcillac, Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, Saint-Mont, Saint Sardos, Tursan; Regional IGPs – Comte De Tolosan; Other, less well-known IGPs – Agenais, Ariege, Aveyron, Coteaux de Glanes, Cotes de Gascogne, Cotes du Lot, Cotes du Tarn, Gers, Landes, Lavilledieu, Thezac-Perricard.





New Zealand






Still wine

Sparkling wine

Fortified wine

  • Port – useful, covers IVDP, superficial compared to the Sherry site.
  • Rutherglen Muscats
  • Sherry – everything you need, to understand Sherry, including definitive tasting notes, and explanation of the Consejo Regulador and legal structure.


Updated 12/01/20

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