Study aids

I am a great organiser, here are my information gathering sheets, some tools and wine term dictionaries:

  • Country/region/appellation pdf blank,  examples …


sample_side_2a          sample_side_2b

  • Some of the tools I use:
    • Guide Hachette, their iphone/ipad app is most useful, with maps and appellation information.
    • Nez du Vin 54 aroma kit – I take 10 random bottles to work each day. I believe that it is worth paying for the full kit, rather than in 6s and 12s. My only observation is that it would be of benefit if there was another box for additions, somewhat selfishly, for what I think are missing eg elderflower, gooseberry, guava, mango, pea, peony, raisin …
    • Nez du Vin wine faults – worth the investment.
    • Cellar Tracker – searchable dated tasting notes, useful for other opinion on how some wines age.

Updated  05/04/18

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